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Health & Safety

Areva Engineering health and safety policy.

Managing health and safety is an integral part of our business at Areva Engineering.We are committed to effectively managing health and safety by having effective programs of personal safety, accident and injury prevention, wellness promotion and compliance  with relevant environmental ,health and safety laws and regulations.

Areva Engineering makes reasonable efforts to:

·        Promote occupational and personal safety, health, and wellness.

·        Manage health and safety  risks in the workplace.

·        Consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety

·        Identify and correct any health hazards and risks and encourage employees to report any potential hazards.

·        Maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

·        Implement emergency procedures, including evacuation in case of fire or any significant incident.




Adherence to proper health and safety practices and compliance with relevant health and safety regulations are the responsibility of all the managers and staff members. The responsibility begins with the managerial team and proceeds through the different levels of management. Final responsibility rests with the Director of the company.

Managerial responsibilities:

·        Implement appropriate health and safety procedures/programs.

·        Have adequate resources for health and safety practices/programs.

Employee responsibilities:

·        Cooperate with the managers on health and safety matters.

·        Adherence to health and safety practices in the workplace

·        Report any health and safety concern to persons responsible.

Arrangements for health and safety.

·        Training staff on general health and safety practices of the workplace

·        Training staff on how to minimize risks through sound safety practices and use of protective equipment.

·        Managers shall establish and maintain proper channels of communication with employees concerning health and safety matters.

·        Complete relevant risk assessments and take necessary action.

·        Consult staff routinely on health and safety matters as they arise.